Andrew Ormerod

I help mission-driven businesses build high-performance cultures. I am an operations leader, coach and consultant.

Can I help you?

If your business is facing growing pains, I can help.All organisations hit a wall at some point as they grow. Things just stop working as well as they used to. Maybe it's morale that's failing? Or the quality of work that's declining? Or the founders are burning out? These can all be signs that your company has outgrown its present operating system.Most organisations can be super-charged with some surprisingly simple changes. You can find out more about my approach in my scaling manifesto and my Substack articles, and more about me on my LinkedIn profile.I prefer working with clients long term - from the outside as a coach, or from the inside as a (fractional) member of your leadership team. This is how I can have the biggest impact on your organisation. I'm open to shorter pilot projects as a way of getting to know each other.

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